The Sunday Catch Up #5 | Life Lately

I feel like 2017 so far has been a bit of a whirlwind, almost literally this past week thanks to Doris. It's a cold Sunday, and the weather is looking pretty pants, so I'm having a well-deserved break from essay writing to write a little update as to where the heck I've been.

I've found getting the balance of uni work and blogging pretty tricky in all honesty. Not to mention the struggle for lighting for those all important flatlays. I'm in my final year, and so obviously all the work that comes with that is taking up the majority of my time and is my priority - blogging after all is just my hobby. I am disappointed that even in the spare time I have I can't be doing more blogging, but that is really because of the photography element of it all. And sometimes it's just nice to see other people, or just watch Netflix rather than typing all the time. 

I've basically got 2 and a bit months left of my degree which is pretty terrifying, but until then blogging will continue to be taking a back seat. I still have a few posts coming your way, I can't help myself but to write a few, but in the main there's not going to be much until mid-May time. 

Everything with uni and applying for Masters' degrees has just been so hectic, and I'm sure you'll understand that those things are taking priority for me right now. There'll be a sprinkling of posts and bits and pieces going on on my other social medias, but generally I'm staying on that political grind. 

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