Lessons From 2018

This kind of post seems like such a cliche, and I've been toying with the idea of writing it for a good couple of weeks.
I've found myself being very reflective of the past year, I think knowing that I've changed and grown so much in a relatively short space of time has made me contemplate what I've achieved this year. On the one hand, it would be easy for me to feel like medical leave is a failing and I didn't complete my MA as planned, but what I have achieved has been so much more than that. The goal of the MA is the same, I'm just taking my sweet time.

Be Yourself

I think the most important lesson I learnt in 2018 was to be myself without thinking about what type of me I thought people were expecting. I've found that therapy has enabled me to understand myself more; I've always been the quiet one, but I've been really pushing myself out of my comfort zone to do more and be more myself. I am genuinely so much happier for this, and I'm finding myself not constantly feeling exhausted from keeping up a persona for others.

Important Decisions Aren't Easy

Tough decisions. Important decisions. Upsetting decisions. They're never easy, of course, but there's a reason they're important. I made decisions this year that put me and my mental health first; I said goodbye to someone I thought would be in my life forever and I welcomed staying in York for another year of my MA. Neither were easy things to do, but both have definitely been the right thing for me and they've allowed me to have the space to seek therapy and grow more as a person. 

Life Is Tough, But I Am Tougher

Ah yes, a classic cheesy quote - but it's one of the few that resonates with my 2018. So much shit was thrown my way during 2017 and much of 2018, but after everything I still get back up and see what will happen next. Despite how cheesy it is, I do think it's important to keep reminding yourself that no matter what challenges you're facing, you've made it this far and you've made it through all your worst days. As Charlotte wrote on her blog, the only way out is through - the last couple of years have been tough, but I'm through the worst of it now. 

Anyone else found 2018 to be a year of lesson learning?

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