2020 Vision

Happy New Year! And happy new decade - how could I resist a pun title for this post about my goals for 2020?! Potentially controversially, I am not the biggest fan of New Year's Eve. I find it all rather anticlimactic, makes January alone feel about six months long, and seems to evermore encroach on the loveliness of Christmas. I do however, use the fresh start to set myself some loose goals of things I want to do or bear in mind during the year.


A continuation from the 2019 goal, I want to read more. Not just more books in number, but I want to read more that is going to educate me and widen my horizons. Books give us power, and I want to take this by the horns and  read to feed my soul and my brain. I'll be compiling a list of books that I definitely want to read this year and sharing it soon.


In 2019 I loved cooking more and experimenting with new recipes - I've cooked more veggie/vegan food than ever and I've loved it all. I want to experiment even more, and starting a sourdough starter to be able to bake lots of fresh bread seems like a lovely place to start. I've seen lots of people sharing their recipes and experiences online, so I'm planning on starting a sourdough diaries series on the blog too. Hopefully they'll be plenty of delicious bread.


I want to be more me. Now this is going to sound incredibly cheesy - the ultimate melty new year thing to say, but I'm nothing if not a cliche. Having had therapy for most of 2018/19, I think it is safe to say that by the middle of this year, I was being more me than I've ever been. And the contentedness that that brought was so unbelievably satisfying. So here's to continuing that, and being more apologetically me.

So there we have it - books, bread and being me. Here's to 2020.   

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