The Family Secret by Sheryl Browne* | Book Review

'Claire always wished for a sister. But should you be careful what you wish for...?'

What would you do if you got a text message out of the blue saying 'you don't know me, but I'm your sister'? Claire always wished for a sister, and with her father increasingly unwell with dementia and her husband having an affair, the appearance of a half-sister, Sophie, comes at just the right time. But what will happen as Claire allows Sophie into her life more and more, can you really trust who people say they are? With dark twists and turns, The Family Secret really is as gripping as they come.

I absolutely adored this book, domestic thrillers have fast become my favourite genre and this certainly didn't disappoint. Very cleverly written, I was left guessing until the end. Each chapter was told from a different perspective; mainly that of Claire or her husband Luke, but also we saw insights from Sophie and Claire's father, Bernard. I felt this added to the suspense, and further added to the many strands of the unfolding secret without giving anything away.

I found Claire to be frustrating at times, she was incredibly quick to disregard her husband and believe someone she'd never met. It seemed funny how she went from being so overprotective of her young daughter around her own father, to trusting her completely with a woman she only just met. But having reflected on it, I suspect that it is intentional to encourage the reader to turn on certain characters and be as trusting as Claire.

Overall I found The Family Secret to be a gripping read, and I will certainly be reading more of Sheryl Browne's novels in future.

The Family Secret will be released on 29th January, and is available for pre-order here.

Will you be reading this thriller to your reading list, or have you already read it - let me know your thoughts.

*Thank you to NetGalley for gifting me an eARC in exchange for an honest review* 

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