FlashSticks Review

As I mentioned in my goals for 2016 post, one of my main goals for this year is to continue learning French. I don't attend classes, instead I use various apps and online teaching sites so when FlashSticks got in touch and sent me an intermediate pack of their language learning sticky notes I was really excited to see if this individual style of language learning would be successful for me.

FlashSticks combines post-it notes with an app, which is a great way of learning bit by bit during the day and gets you used to associating words with objects. The packs come colour coordinated; pink being feminine nouns, blue for masculine nouns and then the greeny/yellow colour for verbs and adjectives. I love this little feature as it makes it so easy to remember which is which when it comes to masculine and feminine words which is what usually gets me in a muddle.

So you might be thinking, but how do these post-it notes actually help with language learning? Well all you do once you have your hands a pack is download the free corresponding app. This is then used to scan the post-it notes that you can stick anywhere you like. Some of them I stuck to my bedroom walls and my wardrobe, but where possible I stick them to the object that post-it is for. When you scan the note a video clip comes up of a person who pronounces the word in the foreign language and then again in English, this clip can be repeated as many times as you like and it's really easy to practice getting the pronunciation as perfect as possible.

I think possibly my favourite thing about the app is being able to scan objects which can then be translated into the language you're learning. I find this particularly helpful out and about when I still want to be keeping up with learning but I don't have any of the sticky notes to hand. The combination of being able to use a pack of the FlashSticks post-it notes as well as scanning objects makes for a completely new way of language learning that's so different from anything else on market and all at your finger tips.

FlashSticks offer a variety of languages including French, Spanish, Italian, and British Sign Language just to name a few, as well as the opportunity to suggest a language that you'd like to learn that isn't currently available. The packs start from just £4.99 which is the cheapest language learning resource I've seen on the market, and they're available from a variety of high street shops as well as the FlashSticks website.

For me the focus on visual learning and the overall simplicity of FlashSticks makes it a real winner in my eyes for language learning, and I'm excited to really get a move on and improve my French!

Would you be interested in learning a language with FlashSticks?

Em x

I was sent the FlashSticks intermediate French pack to review, however all opinions are honest and my own.

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