Beauty Haul and First Impressions

A couple of weeks ago myself and a group of friends had a bit of girl's day shopping. I picked up some beauty items that I knew I needed, as well as a little treat for myself too. I've been using all the products on pretty much a daily basis, so I'm adding in some first impressions too. 

Firstly I got the Sleek Brow Kit in medium. I'd say my favourite part of doing my makeup is my eyebrows. I'm lucky to have a good natural brow shape, I just like to fill them in to make them fuller and a bit bolder to really frame my face - even more so as I wear glasses. I've really been enjoying using this, I find the brushes are way to small and fidily for me to use properly so I've been using an angled brush from ecotools, dipping into the waxy side and then the powder side which has worked really well. I'm still undecided whether I prefer powder kits or pencil to fill in my brows, but the Sleek kit has been my go to since purchasing. 

I'm rather curious about the whole colour correcting so I picked up the MUA Prep Base Prime and Conceal palette, and I have to say I'm rather impressed. For £4 you get a variety of shades - lilac, green, yellow, peach and orange, all of which are remarkably creamy and blend really nicely into the skin before foundation. 

After loving the Lottie London buffing brush, I decided to try out their powder brush. Lottie London brushes just look so cute with the pastel coloured handles, and it's no secret that I'm a sucker for pastel colours! Not to mention that they are beautifully soft and super easy to clean with none of the bristles shedding. 

I seem to go through phases of powder and which ones I prefer to use, but I'm sure I've decided that loose powder to set my makeup in the morning is the one for me. I got the BareMinerals Mineral Veil to try out after hearing so many good things about it, and I love it. It's a beautifully finely milled powder that sets makeup perfectly, leaving me shine free for the day and making my makeup last longer, without looking cakey at all. 

Finally I treated myself to the Lancome Juicy Shaker in Vanilla Pop. I love the cushiony applicator, I wasn't too sure how it would work out but I really like it. This is such a hugely overused phrase, but the shade really is my perfect my lips but better shade. It's a beautiful neutral deep pinkyish tone, that adds a little something something to my lips. I really like how the juicy shakers feel too, not sticky or heavy like some glosses, yet not oily like I find a lot of oil based lip products, and it dries into a lovely tint too.  

I'm very happy with my purchases, and I know I'll get a heck of a lot of use out of all of them. 

Have you brought any new beauty products recently? 

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