The Sunday Catch Up #2

I really enjoying putting together last weeks catch up post, and so I'm going to be continuing on with this little series and seeing how I get on with it. Like last week, some weeks will be a little dull compared to others, but I'm hoping this will encourage me to actually make the effort to do interesting things, or at least make what I'm doing seem interesting. This week has been pretty busy; last Friday I travelled down to Canterbury where I go to uni to see my friends for a leaving party and to stay with my boyfriend. This then developed into me staying in London with my brother, so all in all it's been busier than I was expecting.

Something my boyfriend and I wanted to do whilst I was staying is to do some day trips out. We went on holiday to Paris back in July, but it's still nice to have some days out in the holidays and do some different things to normal. After visiting the Churchill War Rooms in London a few months ago, we really wanted to visit Chartwell. Chartwell is the home of Churchill and isn't too far from where my boyfriend lives. We seriously enjoyed our visit, the gardens are beautiful and the rooms of the house open to the public are really interesting. I love historic properties and this certainly disappoint, I really recommend giving it a visit if you're into history and Kent at all.

Completely unexpectedly I ended up staying with my brother for a few days in London. Although I had planned to be spending time in London, it was actually really nice. It was nice to spend some time with my brother and to be doing some of the tourist bits.

We went to London Zoo, Kensington Palace, the Museum of London and the shopping centre at Shepherd's Bush, as well as taking the tube to St James' Park for a walk and to get a peek at Buckingham Palace. We were there just as the weather was at it's hottest, meaning the tube was our least favourite place.

As it's been a rather hectic week I haven't really been doing any blog reading, so next week I'm really looking forward to spending days having a good ole' catch up. I've also missed blogging this week, although it's been so nice to have that holiday feeling, I'm looking forward to getting back to blogging more and having a little more routine to the days. I scheduled posts to go up during the week, so which you can catch up on here and here.

How was your week been?

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