Revision Tips and Essentials

When the new academic year started up again, I post my study tips for the year. But with exams for many looming I thought now would be a good time to share some of my revision tips. These tips have been tried and tested, so hopefully they'll help you out if exams have got you in a muddle. 

Firstly I like to go through my notes and turn them into spider diagrams. This adds colour to my revision and notes, but it also condenses what I know about a topic to a single sheet of A4. 

I then put that into little revision cards. Not only is this easier to take about with me, but also it's much quicker to read the closer to the exam gets. I like having little snippets of information, and important dates that I need to remember on there. 

Another thing I like to do is to practice as many questions as I can before the exam. Be that through essay questions or multiple choice depending on the exam, it's good to look through the kinds of things that have been asked about in the past. Often teachers don't mind having a look over answers with you to guide you a bit too I've found. 

I find that I always need plenty of coloured pens, lots of plain and lined paper and revision cards. Having cute stationery does help motivate me to actually use it too! 

Top Tips:

1. Start as soon as you can; I tend to start what most people would consider late, but you do you and start ahead of time enough so that you have time to do all the revision you want to.

2. Don't stress too much. Obviously this is a lot easier said than done, but I always find that the more stressed I get the less work I can do. My mind just goes nope, whereas if I try my best not to get myself stressed then I can actually work, and a lot more effectively too. 

3. Take breaks. Spending 5 hours in a row studying isn't going to help, instead spilt your revision into chunks mixed with breaks of doing something that's going to take your mind off what you're doing. It's much more manageable that way, and your brain actually remembers more too. 

4. Look after yourself. It can be difficult to remember that you're actually a human during the exam season, but it's really important to remember that you need nutritious meals and snacks, plenty of sleep and social time as well. 

Hope these tips will help you, good luck to anyone with up coming exams! 

Em x

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