Yearly Goals Update

At the beginning of the year I set myself four goals, I don't really like the idea of resolutions as such. I feel like I never stick to them because they're too unspecific or I make far too many to be achievable.  I love the idea of having goals to aim for, and limiting myself to four that generally cover all aspects of my life and things I'm interested I hoped that I'd stick to them. So far I think I've done okay, so here's a little mid 2016 update.

  • blog better - Overall I think I have stuck to this in the way I wanted to. Generally I'm a lot more organised with my posts; I plan more of my posts, what I'm going to write about and when I'm going to schedule it to go up, I've also created a weekly schedule which I've managed to stick to quite well. Obviously there have been some missed posts when I've got bloggers block, or simply am so rushed off my feet there has been no time for anything else. I also think that my social media is improving to, I'm much better at promoting my blog on twitter and instagram. 

  • learn French - Again I think I've really stuck to it. I've been using a combination of the Duolingo app, Babbel online and FlashSticks stickynotes and app to make sure that I can be learning as much as possible wherever I am. The only times I haven't stuck to this is when I have a build of deadlines or exams to focus on, but otherwise I try to get in a bit of French everyday. I've noticed an improvement in what I know, and so hopefully it'll pay off when I go to France this summer. 

  • be happier with myself - This is probably my most successful goal. In the past I've set myself the goals of being losing weight or getting fitter, and truthfully I think really I just wanted to be happier with myself. Yes, I have lost weight, but that's helped me to be much more confident in myself and overall to be happier with myself. For the next half of the year, I'm hoping to build of this confidence even more.  

  • study better -  I think I've done well in achieving this. I spent a lot of time working hard on essays and making sure that it was my total top priority. I definitely still stressed about my work, but I used my time a lot more effectively. 

I'd say that for part way through the year I've been able to keep these goals up pretty well, fingers crossed this continues for the rest of the year. 

How are you getting on with your goals for 2016?

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