Summer Reads

I love reading, but there's something so lovely about it finally being the summer hols and you can crack open a book and really get stuck into it. I find that during other holidays, I have so much reading for uni that I rarely have much time for reading for pleasure. I've gathered together some books I've loved reading over previous summers, perfect beachy reads and a couple I'm going to be getting stuck into myself.

The first book definitely doesn't sound like anything you'd want to read on holiday, but I read it on my holiday last year and found myself completely gripped to the storyline. Love Letters To The Dead by Ava Dellaira is a book that I haven't heard too much about, other than it was recommended on the kindle store. The story is made up of a series of letters, that the main character Laurel, writes to dead people. They unfold the story of her dead sister, her grief and what happened the day her sister died. It's definitely an emotional read, and not your typical beach read either, but it's so compelling that you can't help but immerse yourself in it. If you liked The Fault In Our Stars and similar, then you're bound to love this.

My next recommendation, Cherries In The Snow by Emma Forrest, also doesn't sound too much like a summer read, but look past the title on you're on to a winning combination of love and lipstick. Sadie works for a cosmetics company naming lipsticks, although in her head she's a novelist. Cherries in the Snow explores her love for Marley and how she deals with competing for her love interests love. It's a little predictable, and some say the characters are unlikeable; but it's a lovely, easy read that#s perfect for relaxing and switching off with. 

Rather than a specific book, I'm recommending a whole series because I just love it that much. The Shopaholic series by Sophie Kinsella are the ultimate chick lit reads. The series follows Rebecca Bloomwood and her love of shopping, through various life events and the adventures that get thrown at us. I've loved these books for a number of years, and for chick lit is perfect for relaxing with, I can really unwind and enjoy reading with grass between my toes and a nice bit of sunshine.

If you read this post of mine a little while back, then you'll know that I'm a huge fan of Jenny Colgan's books. Little Beach Street Bakery certainly didn't disappoint, nor did the follow-up Summer at Little Beach Street Bakery. Both books are perfect summer reads; heartbreak, romance, friendship, and a whole lotta baking! The books follow Polly as she moves miles away after a messy breakup. As she moves into an abandoned bakery she feels like an outsider, turning to baking to end her frustrations Polly soon becomes talk of the town. I simply love how much Jenny's books fill me with happiness, they seriously are perfect summer reading material.

Rather than fiction, Calm by Michael Acton Smith is the perfect addition to any home library. A book focusing on mindfulness, and how by taking a step back and calming yourself through mindful thinking and meditation, you can really make a difference; not only with your mental health but how you go about other parts of your life too. I've written about Calm before here, and whilst this, of course, is a wonderful book whenever you feel like dipping into it, many of the activities scream summer to me. I know I enjoy walks much more in the sunshine, and I think I'd find a social media ban easier in the summer months too. A little bit different for some, and non-fiction isn't always my go to, but it's still an ideal book to read and dip into at home or on holiday. 

And finally a book I picked up in the last couple of days that I'm going to be reading myself this summer. Us by David Nicholls. Based around the brink of a breakup between Douglas and Connie, they decide to continue with their last family holiday, a  tour of Europe with their son Albie. Described as being a bittersweet tale of love and family, and what better summer reading than a grand trip around Europe?! I've read a tiny bit and I like it so far, although I'm looking forward to getting stuck into it properly.

Do you have any summer reading suggestions?

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