August Loves

Okay seriously, where has August gone?! We're zipping through 2016, although not going to lie I'm looking forward to August being over. It's a bit of a stand still month; everything and everyone seems to slow down in August. I much prefer September and being able to feel I can start again, not to mention it's closer to Autumn. I have to say I was also a bit on the go slow this month, meaning I don't really have too many things to talk about, but here are the few bits and bobs I've been loving in August.

The Sunday Catch Up #2

I really enjoying putting together last weeks catch up post, and so I'm going to be continuing on with this little series and seeing how I get on with it. Like last week, some weeks will be a little dull compared to others, but I'm hoping this will encourage me to actually make the effort to do interesting things, or at least make what I'm doing seem interesting. This week has been pretty busy; last Friday I travelled down to Canterbury where I go to uni to see my friends for a leaving party and to stay with my boyfriend. This then developed into me staying in London with my brother, so all in all it's been busier than I was expecting.

The Almost A-Z of Me

I've been seeing this floating around and being published on people's blogs several times recently, and as I love lifestyle and 'get-to-know' kinda posts I thought I'd give it a go. It was actually hard than I thought it would be, hence why it's the almost alphabet because U, V, X and Y I just cannot.

My Weight Loss Journey

If you've read my body confidence post then you'll probably know that this year I've lost some weight. It's been a yearly goal ever since I was around 16, and I finally lost weight in a healthy way that I can definitely continue in the long term. Weight loss journeys are different for everyone, and they certainly aren't a walk in the park. It feels weird to even be calling it a 'journey', but I'm sharing how I lost weight to feel healthier, to like my body more and to enjoy food again.

The Sunday Catch Up #1

For a while I've liked the idea of having a more chatty post going up on a Sunday, a little catch up on the week and looking to the week ahead. There's something nice about Sunday's being a chilled out day, finding new things to read and watch as well as having a bit of a pamper. I'm starting off this series of Sunday catch ups to just see how it goes, how I like it and such, to share any musings from the week and a little insight into behind the scenes Emily Writes.

Benefit Ka-Brow Review

It's no secret that I love brow products. My brows have a fairly nice shape naturally and with a bit of attention, they can look quite nice. What they don't have is much colour, my brows seem to be a completely different shade to my natural hair colour and whilst tinting does the job, I can't help but try out a variety of brow shaping products. Benefit launched their new brow collection back in June which seriously made me want to buy everything in shiny new packaging. In the end, I picked up Ka-Brow, a cream gel product that can be used to define, shape and fill in eyebrows as naturally or boldly as you please.

1 Year Dairy Free

This August it's a year since I was diagnosed with a dairy allergy. For someone who's diet was basically cheese and chocolate I was pretty upset. Over the year I've found some dairy free alternatives that I adore, to be honest most of them I'd enjoy even if I could eat dairy that's how delicious they are. Plus I'll also be sharing how hard I've actually found it being a self-confessed cheese addict.

Hair Care Haul

I'm one of those people who does basically nothing with their hair. I pretty much just use shampoo, conditioner and nothing else. I recently got my hair cut, meaning that not only does it look much healthier but I also wanted to get some products similar to the ones my hairdresser used. I did a little shopping online and picked up some bits and bobs that I'm hoping I'll really enjoy using.

Body Confidence

For as long as I can remember I've never really been one to be body positive. Looking back on photographs I was never really that big, but I got bullied a lot for my looks. Of course, that's going to make anyone have doubts and I became one of those teens who constantly needed approval. I needed to know that others thought my hair looked okay, that my outfit was flattering, that my makeup looked alright. I'm finally starting to feel much more confident in my own skin, and it's such a weird feeling.

July Loves

Somehow July seems to have simultaneously sped past but also been a rather long month. To be fair I've been a busy bee; I still can't believe that my trip to Paris was the beginning of July! The things I've been loving this month are mostly new to me, which has actually been so lovely. I've really enjoyed using newer products and trying things that I never thought would suit me. Books, apps and beauty, there's been a lot I've been loving this July!