Go-To Hair Routine

I've never really been one to do anything with my hair. It's straight, pretty boring and since I've been about 15 a ponytail or bun is my go to. For quite a while I had hair down to my waist, and the easiest thing to do with it was just put it up all the time. More recently I've been experimenting with different lengths, mostly opting for something a little shorter but still long enough to go up if needs must. With different haircuts and length, of course, comes some experimenting with different styles. I've been embracing my straight hair and trying out something a little different that I've completely fallen in love with. Don't get me wrong I still have days where my hair is up and out of the way, but I've really been enjoying this little routine for sleek hair that looks polished throughout the day with minimal effort.

5 Things I've Read Recently

Things have been pretty hectic these past couple of weeks. I was packing up to move back to uni, and since being back although my classes haven't started it always takes a little bit of time to just get yourself back into the swing of things. Not to mention getting used to living in a new flat and working out how best to organise your space. Whilst it's so so lovely being back with all my friends, it's been nice to take some down time and finally catch up on some much needed blog posts. I've seen these kinds of posts before, sharing a few posts and articles that you'e enjoyed reading and I think they're such lovely ways of spreading a lil bit of a blog love.

Easy DIY Bunting

Bunting is one of those things that I don't really know what I'd do with 10 metres but I need it. There's something about the pastel colours and vintage-y patterns that I just love and want to completely adorn my house with. When I moved to uni I decided that I was going to buy some but turns out it's bloomin' expensive so I gave it a miss. Earlier this year I became pretty obsessed with The Great British Sewing Bee and promptly decided that I was going to sew pretty much everything anything that I could, including some bunting. After endless searching through Pinterest for DIYs and not really finding any of them that easy to follow I decided to kinda just go for it. I have to say I'm really impressed with the result, it was much easier than I thought it would be so I'm sharing my easy DIY bunting.

Irresistible Me Diamond Styling Iron Review + How To

I'll be honest here, I can be pretty lazy when it comes to my hair, throwing it up in a messy bun is just so convenient! But when I got my hair cut I was determined to actually look after my hair more, and I've been pretty good at doing so. Where I was still falling short is continuing to just wear it up the whole time because I could never get it as sleek looking as the hairdresser, and straight hair just never does what you want it to do. When Irresistible Me got in touch and asked if I'd like to review their Diamond Professional Styling Iron* I was pretty excited, I've never really used hair tools other than a hairdryer before so I was looking forward to seeing if this cold be what takes me out of hair laziness. Having it used the iron for a few weeks I can confirm that it's taken me right from constantly wearing my annoyingly flicky hair up and out of the way, hating the idea of not styling my hair with it.

The Stay in Place Base

The perfect base is key to having a decent makeup look, and one that lasts all the day without the need for touch-ups is essential to me. I mostly find it a hassle to be constantly carrying makeup around with me just in case, so for a while I've been on the hunt for the perfect base that not only looks perfect when I've finished my makeup, but that also wears nicely and doesn't need constant checking. I'm sure I've mentioned these products separately before, but over the past few months I've found that combining them just gives me the perfect stay in place base. No need for touch-ups, nothing too powdery or cakey, and not too oily either, and it's survived the summer heat approval too.

The Sunday Catch Up #3

I'm so happy that we've finally made it to September. August really isn't a favourite month for me, it often seems to drag rather, and I'm always ready for more Autumnal weather and that new start feeling. Autumn doesn't officially begin for another couple of weeks, but there's something about the transitional period of the start of the month that's so cosy. Not to mention that I find September to be another new year; I think that stems from back to school season and moving back to uni, but I really love that fresh start September brings.